How Much Does A Kitchen Renovation Cost In Brisbane?

The cost of renovating the kitchen in a Brisbane home ranges from approximately $17,000 to over $70,000 depending on the following considerations:

  • Age of the dwelling
  • Size of the existing kitchen
  • Structural changes that may be needed
  • Type and brand of the new appliances (Stove, Dishwasher & Fridges)
  • Benchtops and cabinets to be chosen
  • Access to services like plumbing
  • Tiles and waterproofing
  • Placement of new windows

Planning your kitchen renovation to suit your budget

Make the kitchen the heart of your home.When you decide to renovate your kitchen in your Brisbane home, the first step will be to decide how much money you are willing or able to invest. The amount of money that you spend will have significant ramifications on the limitations of your reno. For example, a significant cost can be incurred just by replacing all of your old appliances and upgrading to the latest and greatest energy efficient dishwasher and oven. If you intend to remodel or reshape the entire kitchen then your budget will need to be well over $10,000.

If you intend removing a wall to create an open plan kitchen that flows into a living room, then you will also need extra expert advice from an engineer and building certifier which will come at an additional cost.

If you intend to “gut” the old kitchen then will also have to factor in the removal of waste materials and non-recyclables. If your kitchen has asbestos products within its existing structure, then a specialist asbestos removal team will need to be engaged. This is a common problem faced in Brisbane as many homes built before the 1980’s contain asbestos. Asbestos is extremely dangerous and can cause a life-threatening disease known as “Asbestosis”

Cutting Costs

Cutting costs may sound like a good idea at first but can have serious ramifications in the long term. If you choose to reduce expenses by using cheaper products, you may end up paying more in the long run. A great quote that springs to mind:

Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless.

There a few things that you can do to cut cost on your kitchen renovation:

  • Choose cheaper appliances
  • Use acrylic splashbacks instead of tiles
  • Use Melamine draws and doors instead of solid timber
  • Sell off your second-hand stove & fridge
  • Do a “kitchen Makeover” as opposed to a complete renovation
  • Use laminated benchtops instead of stone
  • Do it yourself

Be aware that using cheaper products and materials in order to cut costs may be counterproductive in terms of durability and resale value.

If you choose to do it yourself, make sure that you have at least some experience in renovating and always call in tradesmen for technical installations that require plumbing or electricity.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Planning and budgeting a kitchen renovation is an overwhelming experience for any Brisbane homeowner or property investor. One thing to bear in mind is that a quality kitchen renovation can add significant value to your home, making the cost seem not so pricey when a profit can be made for resale purposes.

Professional Kitchen Renovation Costing

Many people will be overcome and perplexed when it comes to planning and costing a kitchen renovation. Let Fort Interiors kitchen renovations Brisbane take the worry out of planning and budgeting the cost of your new kitchen. We have over 2 decades of experience is costing, budgeting and renovating kitchens. We can come to your property and discuss with you the options available. Call us today to discuss the cost of kitchen renovations Brisbane and to start planning your new kitchen. Check out our services page.

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